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WKF - Gesichtsmaske Gesichtsmaske, WKF Face Mask. Offizielles und obligatorisches Modell für... mehr
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WKF - Gesichtsmaske

Gesichtsmaske, WKF Face Mask. Offizielles und obligatorisches Modell für alle Kumitekategorien, Approved by WKF, in den Grössen S, M und L erhältlich.
The Face Mask is a protective mask designed specifically for use in the sport of karate. The mask features a series of characteristics, which grant the karateka total freedom of movement while showing their identity at all times. It is particularly recommended for the protection of some of the points of the face that are most susceptible to injuries, such as the nose and the brow, during the practise of karate in its kumite modality. It is made from materials of the best quality and guarantee existing in the world and the factory manufacturing it is equipped with all of the necessary requirements and technology to ensure that this is a product at the top end of the market. In addition, the guarantee represented by the direct involvement of the World Karate Federation throughout the Face Mask creation process, as well as the fact that it owns the patent, provides us with a high guarantee that it will be well received by sportsmen and women and as a result leads us to believe that this product will market well

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